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Branding carries a whole new level of significance to the petroleum marketer. We are all familiar with the implications of oil brand selection—Marathon, BP, Shell, Chevron, etc.—and petroleum marketers are very intentional with this decision. But what about your brand?i---fb

Customers chasing an oil brand are just as likely to visit a competitor where their fuel rewards card is also accepted. Your most loyal customers are the ones who identify with the brand that you have established over time. This brand, your brand, is more valuable than any promotion or canopy endorsement.

The greatest brand loyalty is achieved when value is added and a relationship is formed. In a retail environment, there are less distinguishing opportunities to develop a relationship and truly add value to the customer experience. Clean bathrooms and low prices are nice, but they are not uncommon enticements.

Intevacon cares about branding too, and that is why we work so hard to provide the best fleet card solution in the industry. We stand behind our product, and we walk beside our marketers to offer a solution that will help them grow their businesses. Offer a fleet card with your brand and help your customers start to identify your stores as their stores.

By offering your fleet customers a card that represents your brand, you are creating a business relationship and giving your customers the tools to better manage their fleet business. Intevacon makes automating house charges easy, and we have seen our petroleum marketers grow their fleet business by leveraging the brand that they have spent years cultivating in the community.

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The Loyalty of Fleet

carrotThere is no doubt that customer loyalty is at a premium right now. Everywhere you look, there are schemes created to engage with consumers and lock in their loyalty. The petroleum industry is no different—football promos, sweepstakes, gas giveaways, reward cards, special discounts, free showers at truck stops—the list goes on.

According to a study by Boston Consulting Group, the average U.S. household has 22 loyalty-program memberships and actively uses 10. As more and more companies establish and/or refine their loyalty programs, it will only become more challenging to capture the attention and loyalty of consumers.

One of the most valuable attributes derived from loyalty programs is the opportunity to form a relationship with the customer. As discussed in a former blog post, Building Relationships and Profiting from Repeat Business, a joint study by Manta and BIA/Kelsey found that 61% of small business owners report that half of their annual revenue comes from repeat customers. The study also notes that repeat customers spend 67% more than a new customer.

The Intevacon fleet card system is designed so that the petroleum marketer maintains a direct relationship with the cardholder. This is contrary to most card programs. In the case of Visa or Mastercard, the issuer is often a bank and there is little incentive for the cardholder to feel any vested interest in the merchant. In most traditional card transactions, the merchant has no connection to the cardholder other than dispensing fuel and providing a clean restroom.

Intevacon offers the opportunity for the petroleum marketer to own the relationship with his/her cardholders, and our hope is that this helps grow business and increase revenue. Fleet business affords a more consistent and higher volume transaction than most transient consumers. The average fleet card transaction processed through our system is about $104. This is about three times higher than the average consumer spends in fuel per week. Capturing the fleet business and fostering relationships with cardholders is a coveted position for petroleum marketers, and Intevacon was created to help facilitate this relationship.

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Marketing the Prepaid Card

Consumers are choosing prepaid cards as a method of payment in growing numbers. With such a broad market, the Intevacon Prepaid Card offers functionalities that appeal to all of your target consumers. 

Use the Intevacon Prepaid Card to:

  • Grow your customer footprint
  • Increase spending and cash purchases
  • Establish a relationship of loyalty with your customers

Consumer advantages of using the Intevacon Prepaid Card include:

  • Allows the user to pay at the pump instead of pre-paying for fuel with cash.
  • The Prepaid Card can also be used inside at the register.
  • Discounts can be offered by the marketer for cash purchases using the POS roll-back feature.
  • Purchase restrictions are available to specify how the prepaid card can be used.
  • A required PIN number allows for enhanced security.  Recovery of a lost card can be achieved with the provided reference number.
  • Card is reloadable for repeated use.
  • No fees are subjected to Prepaid card users.

Below is a list of target consumers and applications for the Prepaid Card.  This list can help you determine how you want to market to your customer base.7K0A0426

  • Millennials are attracted to the freedom from institutions that is permitted with the prepaid card.
  • Unbanked, debanked, and underbanked individuals are applicable, regardless of credit.
  • Employers reward their employees with Prepaid bonuses and incentives.
  • Businesses provide give-away promotions to customers and prospects.
  • Businesses use the prepaid card as a fleet card alternative.
  • Non-profits give Prepaid cards to individuals in need and can impose restrictions on purchased products.
  • Philanthropists give Prepaid cards to their philanthropy of choice like a women’s shelter or the local church.
  • Regular Consumers will enjoy the benefits of cents per gallon off of their purchase.
  • Regular Consumers use prepaid cards as a budget resource for staying out of debt.
  • Gift Givers give the Prepaid card as a gift for fuel or retail purchases for events like holidays, birthdays, thank yous, graduation.
  • Parents buy prepaid cards for teenage or college age kids.

Do you have a marketing technique that you would like to share?  We’d love to hear from you!