What Makes Customers Happy

A report by US News and World Report just came out with the top 10 companies keeping customers happy.  The first line of the article reads, It’s not rocket science: Consumers just want quick and personal service.”  As obvious as this statement sounds, many companies miss this simple principle.  The article continues to add that in addition to personal service, customers want access to a decision maker. 

According to the research company Zogby Analytics, the customer service experience can be broken down into three parts:1

  1. The ability to fix problems or accomplish other goals quickly
  2. The ease of the experience
  3. Whether it leaves customers with a good feeling

Intevacon has long held the position of service leadership in all of our interactions.  Our purpose is to help our marketers by equipping them with the best fuel card system at the best price and best service model.  Intevacon was created with Integrity, Confidence, and Value as our core mission.  We take pride in the relationship of trust that we have formed with our customers over the years, and we are grateful for the marketers who have partnered with us through the journey. 

Intevacon is committed to keeping happy customers, and there are a few key actions that we take to make sure this happens. 

  1. We respect our marketers and value honest and transparent relationships.
  2. We prioritize the priorities of marketers.  We’ll get new customers up and running in no time, and we’ll make sure to provide the training necessary for you to be successful. 
  3. We keep communication easy with our customers, answer the phones, and make ourselves accessible and available.  You will always get an expert on the phone who can help answer questions. 
  4. We use marketer feedback to continually improve our system, truly making the Intevacon Fleet Card system customized to the needs of our customers with the most innovative technology pertinent to this complex industry.
  5. Probably most important: we truly enjoy what we do and we lookIMG_20130912_180001007_HDR forward to each day with our marketers and future prospects.  The culture of our company is one of family, growth, dedication, action, collaboration, and compassion. 

While this list is not exhaustive, it captures some of the spirit of how we do things at Intevacon.  Partner with us and join the family of marketers using our system.


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