Becoming a Convert

One of the mosshutterstock_1338696t common questions that we hear from new customers relates to the process and timing of conversion to our system.  Because of the intelligent design built into our system, conversion and training are really very simple.  Intevacon has a team of dedicated members to help our customers reach their target Go Live schedules.  We can move as fast as needed to get our customers up and running on the Intevacon system.

As a summary, below are the five basic steps for conversion onto the Intevacon System:

  1. Signed Contract
  2. Data
    • Site list and account information sent to Intevacon
    • Data imported by Intevacon
  3. Testing
    • Gateway device connected at site
    • Transaction test with POS and product codes
  4. Training
    • Intevacon system training
    • Additional system set-up (if required)
  5. Go Live

The process is direct, and Intevacon is available to assist every step of the way.  Our timelines vary from marketer to marketer, with conversion taking less than a week (whew!) to over a month depending on the marketer.  Marketers with many sites will need a technician to visit each site to set up the gateway device (small device that allows the POS to talk to our system) and conduct a swipe test at the POS.  In most cases, card account data can be automatically imported into our system, eliminating the need to manually key any account information.  For customers exporting to an accounting package, we have a transfer file that can be downloaded and sent to your accounting representative for testing.

Once customers are connected to our system, we provide remote training, and we are always available for additional questions about using the system.  We repeatedly hear about how easy it is to use our system, and the online log-in allows customers to have access from any computer to see real-time transactions.  Intevacon’s system was built for our marketers, and we continually innovate and improve to meet the needs of our customers.  Now that you know how easy it is to convert, are you ready to set up your Go Live date?