Fleet accounts: the multiplication factor

Our customers have long told us that their fleet customers buy more fuel and make more non-fuel purchases than consumers.  Fleet customers are also predictable, regular customers because of the loyalty inherent with a fleet card.

Below are a few fleet statistics provided by brands such as Sunoco, CITGO, and Sinclair in a recent article by Oil Express titled “How to coax dealers to add fleet accounts” (Vol. XL Issue No. 16).

  • Fleet cardholders buy 15 times more gallons per month than the avg consumer
  • One new business or fleet customer is equal to 13 consumer customers
  • Fleets buy more fuel and visit sites more often to make inside purchases as well
  • Fleet cardholders have 10 times more fuel transactions than the avg consumer
  • 38% of fleet drivers make an in store purchase

Intevacon makes it easy to automate your house charges so that you can capture more fleet business and manage all of the details.  Using our system also makes fleet management easier for your customers with usage and product restrictions at the nozzle, card assignments by vehicle and driver, custom prompting, and real time updates.  Your customers also have user access to view their activity and assign drivers and vehicles.

Card ControlsWith Intevacon, you maintain the customer relationship and control your business activities.  Real time credit limits allow you the flexibility to manage your risk and sign up accounts big and small.

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