Marketing the Prepaid Card

Consumers are choosing prepaid cards as a method of payment in growing numbers. With such a broad market, the Intevacon Prepaid Card offers functionalities that appeal to all of your target consumers. 

Use the Intevacon Prepaid Card to:

  • Grow your customer footprint
  • Increase spending and cash purchases
  • Establish a relationship of loyalty with your customers

Consumer advantages of using the Intevacon Prepaid Card include:

  • Allows the user to pay at the pump instead of pre-paying for fuel with cash.
  • The Prepaid Card can also be used inside at the register.
  • Discounts can be offered by the marketer for cash purchases using the POS roll-back feature.
  • Purchase restrictions are available to specify how the prepaid card can be used.
  • A required PIN number allows for enhanced security.  Recovery of a lost card can be achieved with the provided reference number.
  • Card is reloadable for repeated use.
  • No fees are subjected to Prepaid card users.

Below is a list of target consumers and applications for the Prepaid Card.  This list can help you determine how you want to market to your customer base.7K0A0426

  • Millennials are attracted to the freedom from institutions that is permitted with the prepaid card.
  • Unbanked, debanked, and underbanked individuals are applicable, regardless of credit.
  • Employers reward their employees with Prepaid bonuses and incentives.
  • Businesses provide give-away promotions to customers and prospects.
  • Businesses use the prepaid card as a fleet card alternative.
  • Non-profits give Prepaid cards to individuals in need and can impose restrictions on purchased products.
  • Philanthropists give Prepaid cards to their philanthropy of choice like a women’s shelter or the local church.
  • Regular Consumers will enjoy the benefits of cents per gallon off of their purchase.
  • Regular Consumers use prepaid cards as a budget resource for staying out of debt.
  • Gift Givers give the Prepaid card as a gift for fuel or retail purchases for events like holidays, birthdays, thank yous, graduation.
  • Parents buy prepaid cards for teenage or college age kids.

Do you have a marketing technique that you would like to share?  We’d love to hear from you!