Customer relationships and owning the contact list

As we all prepare for the upcoming NACS show, our inboxes are getting filled up by exhibitors and service providers trying to connect.  For better or worse, we all know the value of a targeted contact list.  For petroleum marketers, however, the nature of the customer is a lot more transient.  If you needed to reach out to each of the customers who regularly visit your convenience store or cardlock, would you be able to? 

One of our customers recently reached out to us because they are renovating one of their stores and they wanted to notify their regular customers and offer their alternate sites for fueling.  Using the Intevacon system, it was very easy to run a report of transactions for that site to see who traveled there regularly.  We matched it with their cardholder list, and they were able to personally reach out to their loyal customers.

Credit card companies have been using demographic information for years to target iStock_000009664255Smallcustomers for advertisements and special programs. You might talk to these customers every day at your sites when the drivers stop for a cup of coffee and a tank of gas, but if the customer is using a traditional credit card, that is where the relationship ends, along with a swipe fee. By utilizing a proprietary fleet card, petroleum marketers can not only own the contact list, they also grow loyal customer relationships by offering a service to their customers.

If you want to find out more about offering a proprietary fleet card to your customers through Intevacon, please reach out to 678-739-4450.  We’ll also be at NACS both #3853.  Would love to see you there!