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Trade Show Season 2016

Can you believe that trade show season is about to start again?!  It’s been a big year for Intevacon, and we can’t wait to meet with our petroleum marketers to discuss the Intevacon Fuel Network.  Come say hi at one of the shows below or give us a call to discuss how we plan to implement our “Everywhere, not Everybody” strategy for the network.


Western Petroleum Marketers Association (WPMA) National Convention and Convenience Store Expo: February 16-18, Las Vegas, NV. Booth 1127

BP AMOCO Marketers Association Convention: February 21-24, Miami FL

Southeast Petro-Food Marketing Exposition: March 2-3, Myrtle Beach, SC. Booth 230

Gulf Coast Food and Fuel: March 9-10, Biloxi, MS. Booth 512

MPact: March 22-24, Indianapolis, IN. Booth 740

VeriFone Customer Forum: May 15-18, St. Pete Beach, FL.

Southwest Fuel and Convenience ExpoMay 9-11, Austin, TX. Booth 926

Gilbarco 2015 Retail Technology Conference: May 18-21, Hilton Head, SC

NACS: October 18-21, Atlanta, GA

If you want to contact us outside of a trade show, we can be reached at 678-739-4450 or by email at


Trade Show Season 2015

locIt’s that time of year again—the approach of spring and a chance to meet with our customers at Trade Shows! 

Check out our Trade Show schedule below, and come visit us at the shows!  We’ll keep the list updated if we add any shows or find out more details.

•  Western Petroleum Marketers Association (WPMA) National Convention and Convenience Store Expo: February 17-19, Las Vegas, NV. Booth 203

•  Southeast Petro-Food Marketing Exposition: March 4-5, Myrtle Beach, SC. Booth1508

•  Gulf Coast Food and Fuel: March 11-12, Biloxi, MS. Booth 107

•  MPact: March 24-26, Indianapolis, IN. Booth 538

•  VeriFone Customer Forum: April 19-22, St. Pete Beach, FL.

 Southwest Fuel and Convenience Expo: May 6-8, Ft. Worth, TX. Booth 325

• Gilbarco 2015 Retail Technology Conference: May 18-21, Myrtle Beach, SC.

• NCR Synergy 2015: June 22-25, Orlando, FL

• NACS: October 11-14, Las Vegas, NV

We can be contacted at 678-739-4450 or reached by email at

All Customers, Big and Small, We Love Them All

shutterstock_287472So far the trade show season has been a wonderful opportunity for Intevacon to connect with our current marketers and create new relationships with future partners.  This is a really fun season for us, and we are excited for the opportunity to serve in this industry.  As we travel across the country and interface with so many different businesses in the process, we cannot help but notice that there is a chasm between the companies who are in business to provide a service and the companies who are in business to increase revenues. 

As everyone who flew to the last trade show can attest, the airline industry is a perfect example of an industry that has shifted perspective from focusing on its customers to focusing on its bottom line.  Traveling by plane is no longer just the price of a ticket.  There are now fees tacked onto every element of the experience—from baggage to seat selection.  Delta made a move this week to revamp its reward system starting in January 2015.  The new structure will prioritize “those sitting in the front of the plane, rather than the back-seaters,” as stated in an article published by MSN. 

The most obvious aspect of this mentality is the absence of an honorable purpose.   The agenda is no longer to serve the customer, but rather to take advantage of the customer at any opportunity.  Intevacon endeavors in every exchange to benefit the marketer.  Your success is our success.  We want to be generous in our service, our pricing, our features, and our support.  We are in business to serve you.  Intevacon provides the best product in the industry, so why not also give the ultimate level of support to our customers who use it? 

Delta’s prioritization of its high-dollar front seat customers over the “back-seaters” is an anachronism to the business model that we espouse.  We know that our smallest customers depend on us the most.  The success of their one or two sites means the success of their entire business.  We also understand that our biggest customers need special TLC to get all of their processes aligned with the Intevacon system.  We are equally invested in all of our customers, and we find that this approach fosters relationships that are both personal and gratifying.  (For more, see our blog on “What Makes Customers Happy”.)

Intevacon is built on the principles of Integrity, Value, and Confidence.  Our marketers are generous in their praise and recommendation of Intevacon, and we take pleasure in being generous in the benefits that we can offer to our marketers.     

Upcoming Trade Shows for 2014

It’s getting close to our favorite time of year when we get to hit the road and meet with all of our favorite marketers.  Below is a list of upcoming trade shows that we have scheduled so far.  We’ll keep this list updated as we learn our booth number and any other information that would be helpful to connect.  Let us know if you will be attending any of these trade shows so we can keep an eye out for you!


You can always reach us at 678-739-4450 or to get more information.